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Innovative Thinking

The Benefits of Automated Machine Tending

The automated process that involves tending a machine such as a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is known as Robotic Machine Tending. The process is usually highlighted by loading/unloading of raw materials into a machine and delivery of finished products out of it.

Premier Automation: Siemens USA Solution Partner

Premier Automation is a certified Siemens Solution partner, which ensures that Premier Automation delivers the highest quality in customized automation. Under the Siemens Solution Partner Program, Siemens joins System Integrators by merging product and systems expertise with their partner’s application and existing industry knowledge.

The Importance of Machine Vision

Robotic assembly applications have ballooned in recent years, both in terms of numbers and complexity. Industrial robots today are supplemented by an array of technologies that help them respond better to unpredictable situations, while increasing their range of applicability. Smart Camera Machine Vision is one of these technologies, which, when combined with Industrial Robots holds the prospects of doing wonders.

The Thin Line Between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

With the massive inflow of information into our lives, and the speed with which technology is advancing, we sometimes tend to blur the lines between fundamental concepts. Robotics and Artificial intelligence are two concepts that are often mixed, and thought of as being part of each other, while in reality they serve different purposes.