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Innovative Thinking

Ethernet Moves Closer to Process Controls

Process industries that are currently employing fieldbus-based devices and management software can expect a surge in their bandwidth requirements as Industry 4.0 takes full speed, making it vital for them to initiate the shift to Ethernet at the host level.

Industry 4.0 - Not Coming Slow

Industry 4.0 Market Research revealed that the global Industry 4.0 market would soar to $214 billion by 2023, surpassing the cybersecurity market on the way by 30%. This is well in line with the realities today as more industrial enterprises are shifting towards the paradigm that would bring improvements in processes ranging from manufacturing to material purchasing to supply chain.

KPI Best Practices

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential to effectively manage and keep track of organizational requirements, helping drive operational improvements. But determining KPIs for teams and individuals isn’t exactly straightforward and shouldn't be rushed into. Instead, a planned approach should be followed, keeping in minds the long-term operational goals that need to be fulfilled.

Proper Motor Load and Speed

With every passing year government regulations pertaining to industrial motors are becoming more stringent. This is combined with technological breakthroughs that are making Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) more efficient, leading to greater efficiency in motor designs and operation. It is well known that when an efficient motor is operated at low speeds it can limit losses in control applications.

Top 4 Best Practices in Robotic Grinding and Finishing

Robotic grinding and finishing are relatively new industrial concepts, with companies are still innovating standard practices that would ensure a high Return on Investment and long-term sustainability. Both concepts show a lot of potential, but site owners often run into problems related to efficiency.

The following four tips can help you ensure that your robotic grinding and finishing.