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Innovative Thinking

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Ever since its inception, 3D printing has been a hot-topic for research in the industrial world, as it introduced time and cost benefits that were otherwise inaccessible. Building on the very same base, Additive Manufacturing has proven to be an even more beneficial technique as it has fused together the sleekness of 3D printing and wide selectivity of manufacturing materials.

How Safe is Your Motor Control Center?

A Motor Control Center (MCC) is an integral part of a manufacturing plant, and its continuous operation is vital if the company wants to make a profit. The safety of Motor Control Centers is a hot-topic in modern equipment design due to the ensuing hazards, most notably arc flashes. The safety of both the MCC as well as the personnel who operate it should therefore be a priority and appropriate guards must be in place to tackle any emergency.

How to Manage & Reduce Risk on Automation Projects


Some projects may appear to be simple in the beginning, however problems arise that might not have been considered, which can ultimately end up costing a large amount of precious time and money. Delays can be avoided by taking a few steps to minimize risk and increase productivity. We will explore how uncertainties can derail a project and how you can reduce damage to your company’s timeline and budget.