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Innovative Thinking

Maximize ROI with an Integrated Approach to Control Systems

Industrial organizations are aligning themselves with Industry 4.0 and IoT not because it’s a general trend, but because such automation technologies can greatly influence one of the most important factors in a business: profitability.

The best way to ensure a high return on investment is adherence to open standards, allowing frequent upgrades at manageable costs, effectively future-proofing an industry’s infrastructure. For decades, PLCs have been the backbone of all automation technologies. Advancements in embedded cybersecurity, compliance to communication standards, and greater integration capabilities are all factors that can notch-up the productivity and reliability of PLC applications.

Benefits of Manufacturing Automation

Automation is the process of embedding industrial machinery like welders, material handlers, palletizers, cutters, dispensers, etc. into manufacturing industries. The utilization of hardware and software automation brings an increase in productivity, profitability and safety of the industry, and as a whole increase competitiveness.

How to Manage & Reduce Risk on Automation Projects


Some projects may appear to be simple in the beginning, however problems arise that might not have been considered, which can ultimately end up costing a large amount of precious time and money. Delays can be avoided by taking a few steps to minimize risk and increase productivity. We will explore how uncertainties can derail a project and how you can reduce damage to your company’s timeline and budget.

6 Ways to Improve Profits with Control Engineering

Control engineers are capable of boosting productivity, profit, quality of products, and overall plant safety. A key aspect to the success of effective control engineering design is exploring sensible controls early in a project's design. Creative ideas are a pivotal point when designing a control system and are crucial to the operation of any manufacturing project.