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Innovative Thinking

6 Ways to Improve Profits with Control Engineering

6 Ways Control Engineering Improves Profits

Control engineers are capable of boosting productivity, profit, quality of products, and overall plant safety. A key aspect to the success of effective control engineering design is exploring sensible controls early in a project's design. Creative ideas are a pivotal point when designing a control system and are crucial to the operation of any manufacturing project.

6 Ways Control Engineering Can Impact Production Systems

Engineer controllers must consider where automation systems will have the greatest impact on a manufacturing facility. By having a well thought out approach and clearly communicating with  the client on their expectations, both you and the client will be satisfied with the overall success of the new system. Adding automation systems will impact your production systems in a few areas:

  • Quality: Have a greater a consistency of production with tighter tolerances, repeatable control limits, and sustain production goals.
  • Safety: When an automation system is added to a production facility workers safety is greatly improved and since manufacturers are held accountable for providing a safe working environment, an automation system is a great asset.
  • Understanding of Energy Consumption: Gain visibility into what your energy usage and quality patterns are. Have an assessment of your manufacturing facility can help establish the scope of an energy savings effort.
  • Security: Provide a secure environment to relay information
  • Cut Costs: Reduce the labor to complete simple tasks
  • Management: Keep track of  the amount of products being produced and the pace at which the items are being finished

What to Consider in the Design Process

An improperly designed automation system will add labor and time to the project and will ultimately cost more money. For example: a poorly designed system could output a faulty product. Breakdowns could become frequent and the system will need to be re-designed a second time at greater cost. Therefore, to take the time to properly design the control system. Designing complex systems that will considerably raise your profitability and production can be quite a challenge, and therefore it would be a smart idea to consider contacting a team of professional control engineers.

What Premier Automation Can Offer

Premier offers a wide variety of simple and effective solutions to most automation projects; our System Integrators can help you appraise your plant's productivity and find automation solutions for your unique applications. Premier Automation was ranked #19 nationally as a System Integrator Giant on a list of the most innovative system integrators in the United States. 
Our team of 30 engineers works relentlessly to create a fully integrated automation environment for our customers to ensure better reliability, higher quality, and total production visibility. If you're seeking a partner for your next automation or controls project, contact one of our experienced engineers to schedule a free on-site visit.

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