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Benefits of Robotic Grinding and Finishing

 Robotic material removal processes are capable of instilling considerable economical and operational benefits within plant floors. Compared to manual processes, robotic grinding is more robust, streamlined and manageable.

From engine blocks to iron castings, robotic grinding and finishing can be implemented in a number of applications, with the guarantee of better part quality. Moreover, manufacturers have often complained of lack of consistency with respect to the part’s quality, which directly impacts the company’s reputation. Surely, human workers may be able to produce a part that is up to the mark, but a robot will carry a guarantee that all parts have the characteristics.

Manual processes are also slow, and it is costly to achieve high throughput levels. They are slow and unpredictable, with the risk of getting effected by employee strikes, vacations, etc. This lowers plant’s productivity and profits.

Robots, as one may know, are repeatable and have a consistent output level. They can work for longer hours, and do not require breaks, leading to higher throughput levels. Robotic grinding and finishing also promises better part quality. Even though the initial investment is high, the ROI is appreciable while long-term operating costs are also reduced.

Finally, market trends have also been favorable for automation of such processes. Safety has played a major role in this as manual grinding can be a dangerous activity for humans. Deburring tools are unforgiving, and any sleight of hand can result in injuries. Robots on the other hand are designed for unforgiving environments, and if the process is collaborative in nature, safety zones can be declared eliciting shutdowns when humans approach the machine.


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