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Innovative Thinking

Industrial Solutions in the Age of Service


In an uncertain global market, manufacturers are facing disruptions and revolutions in the way things are made. Digitalization in manufacturing—the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and cloud computing—buzzes in the industrial community’s collective thoughts. It provides a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and the industrial solutions that future will need.

But technology never solves broad and complex problems without structural changes to support it. Just as the tools we use to manufacture evolve, so do the business models.

Where Industry Meets Service

Some manufacturers are turning to services as part of their products. The simplest version of this shift just means a formal connection with the customer guaranteeing repair and maintenance. More advanced versions include OEMs offering MaaS or machines-as-a-service, in which the customer essentially pays for productivity and uptime, not the product itself. Digitalization dovetails with services when manufacturers can leverage technology like the Internet of Things to track, analyze, and improve their own products in the field—then provide the customer with incisive support.

Services both simple and advanced expand a manufacturer’s business with added value, acting as a rudder and buffer against changes in the market.

Combining Vision with Reality

But the state of manufacturing companies today can make it hard to untangle the prerequisites for stacking services on products. While modernization entices with promise of profitability and security, many manufacturers struggle just to keep an aging legacy business afloat. New IT divisions may not blend seamlessly with operations, creating silos that function with different, sometimes conflicting priorities. It’s important for manufacturers to not only digitize, but to do it in deliberate phases that fold new capabilities into the old. Incremental and strategic changes provide a solid foundation for value-added expansions in the future, such as building out a service model.

For companies in the shadow of this mountain, it may feel unrealistic to even try. But every successful summit starts with the right gear and an experienced guide.

Your Automation and Electrical Control Partner

Premier Automation understands the shifting landscape. In a region that boomed in the golden age of industry but faltered with time and outdated systems, Premier Automation answered a pressing need for not only drives and electrical controls, but comprehensive engineering services and industrial solutions. Since 2002, Premier Automation has served customers in over 16 major industries by upgrading, retrofitting, repairing, and completely transforming automation equipment or entire systems.

To streamline your production or modernize for the future, Premier Automation can be your electrical control partner. Our team of over 20 in-house engineers works hard to exceed your expectations and, most of all, ensure your success. To find out how Premier Automation can help your business, schedule a visit. We'll provide a free consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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