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Innovative Thinking

The Evolution of Integrated Systems


Manufacturing is getting leaner, smarter, and sleeker. Integrated systems are making that possible.

As technology advances, automation systems converge to create more streamlined and efficient methods of production. These integrated systems make manufacturing infinitely more adaptable and cost effective, but require creative, highly skilled engineers.

So where are these engineers?

Once upon a time, manufacturing companies relied on in-house engineers to keep their facilities competitive. Now, many senior engineers are reaching retirement age while highly skilled replacements are increasingly difficult to find and retain. It doesn’t make sense to hunt for the elusive new hires with the requisite skills and experience while the projects get bigger, the legacy systems more obsolete, and the technology more complex.

Sometimes, lean manufacturing means drawing on resources outside the factory doors.

When manufacturers choose a systems integrator, they gain access to a team of engineers with many years of combined experience in both legacy systems and the latest technology. Rather than diverting resources to replicating the capabilities in-house, manufacturers can skip the costly and sometimes risky task of building and training an in-house department.

Instead, manufacturers can achieve competitive integrated systems with an automation team that has one focus—solving problems for their client.

Consider what a systems integrator can offer:

  • Project management and responsibility for project risks
  • Up-to-date adherence to industry standards and methods for every project
  • Continuously educated engineers knowledgeable about the best applications
  • Expert technical staff available for support
  • Professional documentation for support, growth, and maintenance

It’s also important to choose accredited companies. The Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) validates system integrators that pass an audit, renewed every three years, certifying that the company upholds the best practices in the industry.

If you're considering a systems integrator, contact Premier Automation to schedule a free on-site evaluation. We are an automation solutions company that invests in our engineers to retain the best talent and offer the experience and skills to create efficient integrated systems. Find out what we can do with your facility.

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