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Innovative Thinking

Finding New Value in Automation: Redesigning Processes

New Value in Automation with System Integration

Automation has been a driving force in production and manufacturing over the past few years. Automation and control engineers are becoming more and more valuable as improvements in manufacturing become more necessary to keep up with technology.  Automation can bring great value to companies and improve production quality and efficiency.  Companies need to evaluate how automation can improve their business and give the company a step up in competing with other manufactures.

Understanding Business Value

The key to improving business is to upgrade technology and add value to the company. The controls and features that come from automation add value and will help keep manufactures at top performance levels.  Businesses need to understand the worth that comes from automating their facilities.  This cost analysis will improve production and the business profits of a company.


Adjusting Focus to Technology

It is important to understand that there is a clear division between control and digital technologies. Technology is the key to simplifying and solving problems that come up in the manufacturing process. The way in which we apply the technology is what matters most. You must think of what exactly you are trying to figure out and what is needed to solve your problem, then use technology accordingly.


Tuning Up Plants

Having good tuning can help improve the quality and the performance of technology. It is very important to reduce the environmental impact that elements such as carbon can cause. Low emissions and high efficiency improve the worth of a company.  Companies that add in gardens or plant trees, help to absorb carbon emissions and reduce the footprint.


How to Analyze Cost and Value

The cost analysis and vision for where improvements can be made is seen from a different perspective by everyone who works at a company.  Each level of job manager will want to improve their section, or see that one automated change is worth a different value than the next job.  The importance of measuring the right components for efficiency across a company are key to improving with automation to make a company most valuable and efficient.


Return of Investment and Cost Analysis

It is important to know when your control systems become undervalued. Control systems are all about improving efficiency. In addition to running a plant efficiently, you must also come up with a business profitability value model. It is difficult to analyze putting up the upfront cost to change out machines to become more automated, but future improvements will become easier by keeping up with technology.  The return on investment needs to be analyzed properly and with consideration that keeping up with technology also adds value to a company.


How to Add Value to Your Company

Keeping up with automation and technology adds value to your company, which will not only improve efficiency and production, but will keep your business in a competitive position.  To find out how your company can improve and add value, talk to one of our system integration experts at Premier Automation:

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