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Innovative Thinking

Who Consistently Rolls Out the Most Dependable DC Drives?

Premier Automation answers with Siemens and their Next Generation of DC Drives Technology. 


The SINAMICS DCM is the newest member of the SINAMICS DC drives family, combining the advantages of its predecessors, the SIMOREG 6RA70 DC Master, and the SIMOREG 6RA24 with the advantages of the SINAMICS family. Many of the SINAMICS tools and components so successful in S120 AC technology are now made available for the 6RA80 SINAMICS DC drives.

This series of drives sets itself apart as a scalable drive system - both for basic as well as for demanding and sophisticated applications. For the standard closed-loop control, the DC converter is equipped with a standard Control Unit for converters (standard CUD). For applications demanding a higher computational performance and interfaces, the system can be expanded by an additional Control Unit for converters (Advanced CUD).

The SINAMICS DC Master series combines open-loop and closed-loop control and power units in one device therefore offering a compact, space-saving design. The AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the BOP20 numerical operator panel are available for commissioning and local operator control, as well as using your laptop PC and free downloadable “Starter” software program. The interfaces of the CUD and the number of digital inputs and outputs can be supplemented using additional modules - such as the TM15 and TM31 Terminal Modules


  • PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP communications options
  • Single-phase connection is possible for units ≤ 125 A
  • Variance of control units
  • Field power supply in-line with requirements in the field
  • 24 V DC electronics power supply
  • Power unit is insulated with respect to ground
  • Free function blocks are integrated in the standard version and Drive Control Chart
  • Functionality can be expanded using SINAMICS components
  • Can be connected to single-phase line supplies
  • Coated boards and nickel-plated copper bus-bars
  • Wide temperature range

Industry Advantages:

  • Reliability and robustness  -  The highest degree to ensure maximum production
  • Highest dynamic performance  -  Increased productivity and finished product quality
  • Integrated intelligence  -  Free Function Blocks can be optimally adapted to an application’s requirements for drive-related 
    open-loop and closed-loop control functions (e.g. winder, sectional drive, load sharing, master-slave,
    cross-cutter, etc.) in a decentralized manner that relieves the workload on higher level controls
  • Simple integration into automation solutions  -  Comprehensive range of network interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, standard Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Simple commissioning and parameterization  -  Menu-assisted at the AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel with graphics-capable LCD display and plain text display or PC-supported using the STARTER commissioning tool
  • Flexible expandability in functionality and performance  -  The extensive product range and the many options allow the SINAMICS DCM to be optimally adapted to customer requirements - both technically and economically. Different customer requirements relating to the computational performance and speed can be precisely fulfilled with the ability to select between a Standard CUD, an Advanced CUD - or a combination of both
  • Global support and availability  -  Large network of qualified system integrators like Premier Automation and distributors like our sister company Advanced Controls & Distribution.  Along with the  Siemens sales force of professionals for consultation, design, commissioning, service and support worldwide

Typical Applications Include:

  • Rolling mills
  • Cross-cutters and shears
  • Wire-drawing machines
  • Extruders and kneaders
  • Metal Presses
  • Elevator and crane systems
  • Cableways and lifts
  • Mine hoists
  • Test stand drives


SINAMICS DC Drives and EtherNet/IP™

Add the world's leading DC drive system to any Industrial EtherNet-work.

High performance SINAMICS DC Masters (6RA80) have been enhanced to include connectivity to EtherNet/IP, providing maximum flexibility for industrial Ethernet communication and innovative concepts for those wanting a single network for an entire plant.

Having the flexibility to communicate with the most commonly used automation systems via Profinet or EtherNet/IP makes the SINAMICS DC Master drive system perfectly suited for all Industrial Ethernet protocols. Premier Automation has the right people to help you with this and we're always excited to get involved.

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