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Innovative Thinking

The 3 Tiers of Automated Quality Inspection


Implementing or integrating an automated quality inspection system can be a daunting task. To justify the cost, the system must be highly accurate, provide analytical insight, and allow the operator to communicate with and control the system. There are three tiers to quality inspection that can help you achieve the most value from an automated system.

High Definition

Inspected parts should have clearly defined parameters for acceptance with laser-focused reference data. This should be Step One of any automated quality inspection system, but can be overlooked in the rush to install or update inspection equipment. Inspection automation is only as useful as its defining parameters, so take the time to pinpoint the most strategically valuable conditions for quality control.

Data-Driven Insight

Automated quality inspection that doesn’t track components after the pass/fail evaluation lacks a vital element of any automation solution: data-driven insight. Automated production data collection, paired with the right analysis software, elevates quality control from a reactive to a proactive tool. Beyond quality inspection itself, data offers an instant overview of production quality across the system and over time.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Is your automated quality inspection system passive or active? Automated inspection should double as quality control – allowing operators to communicate with the inspection system to control and resolve the movement of components.

Safeguards can be programmed into key points of the production process to not only track inspected components, but automatically remove or redirect parts or products that raised any red flags during inspection. Automating removes most of the risk for human error, but the strongest automated quality inspection systems also empower the operator to intervene.

Finding the Resources You Need

You may not be sure whether you have the proper instrumentation or the right inspection automation, but an experienced system integrator can help. If you're considering partnering with a systems integrator, schedule a free on-site evaluation with us.

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