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Premier Automation Named 2015 Best Places to Work


PITTSBURGH, February 2, 2016 - The Pittsburgh Business Times named Premier Automation one of Pittsburgh’s Best Places to Work in 2015. Premier Automation ranked in the Large Company category with nearly 100 employees, 8 of whom have been with the company since its foundation.

The Pittsburgh Business Times selects the Best Places to Work by surveying companies across four metrics:

  1. Shared goals – Do employees understand and agree with the goals of the business?
  2. Benefits – Are employees satisfied with the available benefits?
  3. Contributions – Can employees take initiative and earn recognition?
  4. Feeling valued – Does the company give employees the skills and opportunities to succeed?

To rank as a top-performing workplace, employees within a company must report above a certain threshold within all four categories. The surveys don’t boil down to which company offers board games in the breakroom or espresso machines, but highlight the essential human elements that create a dynamic and thriving place to work.

Premier Automation achieved high scores with a company culture that treats people as the most valuable resource and source of growth. An open-door management style encourages employees to share project ideas or feedback, resolve challenges together, and collaborate on unique solutions. Premier Automation invests in its team with training and learning opportunities, as well as connecting with employees on a personal level to understand each person’s character and strengths.

Founded on a passion for engineering and innovation, Premier Automation cultivates team members who share that passion and feel proud to support a culture of excellence. That culture rewards employees for caring deeply about the work and each other, and for striving to compete against the company’s own high scores for customer satisfaction and engineering innovation.

About Premier Automation:

Premier Automation is an engineered solutions company that specializes in providing automation, drive, and electrical control solutions and services to industrial markets. We work in most industries, with especially strong experience in metals, power, water, plastic and glass. Our large engineering staff is supported by our 40,000 square foot production facility where we build and test our industrial solutions. We work with products from most major electrical manufacturers, and we are one of Siemens' largest solution partners in the USA.

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