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Finding System Integrators for Machinery and System Projects

integratorsThe process of finding and identifying qualified system integrators for your automation requires a strong understanding of system integration and paying close attention to what you’re looking for. Your choice of system integrators will only be as good as the candidates you’ve vetted. Therefore, having a broad initial search is essential to finding the right candidate.

System Integrators can essentially be divided into three types:

  1. Ones that prefer building new systems, delivering them and moving onto the next project, offering limited time post-installation support.
  2. Ones that build systems and support them for a considerable period of time.
  3. Ones that specialize in troubleshooting and tailoring of existing systems.

One of the major issues with searching for a good SI is the number of system integrators out there in the market. Large service providers often win the race for scoring system projects due to their bigger size and their larger pool of resources. This leaves the smaller machine builders and integrators out of the competition altogether, making it hard for them to showcase their abilities and expertise.

The internet is often used as a company’s firsthand tool to look for all possible system integrators, but this can still only yield little in the way of a proper search. The amount of information present on the internet can be extremely confusing, as every company with a website goes all-out to claim they’re the best. Smaller machine builders often get overpowered and outspent in this sector as well. Some small system integration companies opt out of this online competition altogether and focus on using their skills in system integration to keep their clientele.  


This essentially leaves companies with two issues. It can leave them looking for solutions with system integrators that are too big and too difficult to miss, and thus too expensive for their needs. Or it can leave them with integrators that have spent a considerable amount of their resources on marketing rather than their actual system integration team.

Before you go head-hunting for a system integrator, you should be aware of the type you’re looking for. Doing so saves you a lot of time and lets you filter off any unnecessary candidates. Next, look for a system integrator who has a long history of successful projects in the line of your business. The integrators shouldn’t have a shiny exterior, but the skills and workforce to back their claim as well. Asking for referrals is the best way to reach out to the right candidate.

One place to go when selecting SIs is the Control System Integrators Association website. There, you can easily search for system integrators and filter them according to their expertise, certifications, and locations. This will give you a head start in the quest for the right SI before you move on to other, more tedious searching techniques.

Getting the right SI is important, whether you need one for troubleshooting, building, or maintaining systems. Searching for the right SI can be tricky, and knowing the right methods and tools can help immensely. To find out how Premier Automation's Systems Integration experts can help you with your next project, visit our website www.premierautomation.com, or talk to one of our specialists today.

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