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DC Drives Still Important in the Time of the AC Drive

dc drives- still important.pngAC Drives vs. DC Drives is a battle that’s been going on for too long, and even though AC may have emerged the victor in several fields such as generation and transmission, DC is still a force to be reckoned with.

AC Drives have become quite popular due to the widespread use of AC motors in industries, but DC motors and DC Drives still hold a fair share of the market. The reason behind it is the precise control and reliability DC motors and drives hold over AC ones. DC Drives are in use in paper industries, oil and gas, cranes, wire drawing, etc. or simply any industry which requires a simple, low-cost approach to getting the job done.

When comparing the two, one of the main reasons DC Drives aren’t getting completely overrun by AC Drives is the low cost associated with it. Failed DC drives and motors are often replaced by AC systems, but the major disadvantage with this strategy is the high cost of overhaul. If the AC motor is not mechanically identical to the DC motor then any associated component with the motor would have to be replaced as well, raising the cost even further.

On the other hand, an upgraded DC system will bring greater usability at a low cost, allowing existing devices to be reused. It must be noted that the cost of the DC drive is lower than the AC drive, and in some cases a complete replacement isn’t required, with partial upgrades doing the trick.

Motor/Generator (M/G) speed control sets are becoming obsolete with the advent of solid state technologies, so their replacement is sometimes an issue for engineers. Replacing a M/G sets with DC drives is simple and saves cost and energy. DC drives only consume power while they’re being used as compared to M/G which are kept in an idle, power-consuming state.

Efficiency of DC Drives is higher than AC Drives, as the entire design is simpler and doesn’t involve a string of interconversions leading to lesser control logic and simpler algorithms. AC Drives may be taking over various applications but they still have a long way to go before they can completely replace DC Drives and Control Systems.

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